Treatment of stress

Unspecified stress treatment programs (incl cognitive methods)

Stress reduction prolongs life in women with coronary disease (Orth-Gomer 2009 (228))

Interpersonal component in treatment of stress (see also “compassion” below and above) Go to top
Treatment of PTSD - (Greenman 2012 (125)
Post-war social support in former child soldiers (Betancourt 2014 (25))

Self-compassion/compassion interventions Go to top
Self-compassion in clinical practice (Germer 2013 (117))
Self-compassion scale validation (Raes 2011 (244))
Self-Compassion in human Development (Neff 2009 (218))
Compassion-focused reappraisal and emotion regulation (Witvlieta 2010 (326))
Compassionate goals (Canavello 2011 (45))



Meditation intro, MBSR-exp (Mill 1995(208))
Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-Being (Goyal 2014 (123))
Mindfulness based intervention for stress etc. (Bowen 2014 (33))
Cancer patients. Swedish population (Branstrom 2010a(38)
MBSR/ Cancer patients (Garland 2013(116))
MBSR in cancer patients (Speca 2000(273)) 
EXP (MBSR) in stressed healthy persons: (Hölzel 2010 (147))
PTSD-symptom reduction with MBSR/ 8 week program (Kim 2013 (166) ) 
Effects of meditation on anxiety, depression, fatigue, and Qol in breast cancer (Kim 2013 (167))
Meditation and exercise for acute respiratory infection (Rakel 2013 (245))
Meditation til stress + højt BP (Schneider 2005 (258))
Literature review on health and disease effects of TM and yogic practices (Balaji 2012 (18))
Effect of TM on employee stress, depression and burnout (Elder 2014 (109))
Physiological Effects of Transcendental Meditation in Health and Disease (Balaji 2012 (18))
Levels of immune cells in transcendental meditation practitioners (Infante 2014 (150))
Mind-body therapies and control of inflammatory biology (Bower 2015 (36))
Preventing occupational stress in healthcare workers. Cochrane (Ruotsalainen 2014 (251))
De-stressing stress – mindfully (Crum 2013 (69))
De-stressing Stress: The Power of Mindsets and the Art of Stressing Mindfully. 2013. On-line source
Computerized CBT for Anxiety and Depression in Rural Areas: A Systematic Review (Vallury 2015 (297))
MBSR for anxiety disorder (Hoge 2013 (141))
Systematic review on meditation to treat medical illnesses (Arias 2006 (13))    
Meta-analysis of meditation-programs for psychological stress (Goyal 2014 (123))



Exercise against stress (Collins 2009 (60))
MBSR versus aerobic exercise for social anxiety disorder (Jazaieri 2012 (157))



Prayer and stress-recovery (Cooper 2014 (62)) 
Expression (re-experiencing, talking, writing) (Niles 2014 (223))


Purpose, goals and control

Cognitive intervention: Compassion, control, coping have buggering effect on stress, (Abelson 2014 (2))

Cultivating a growth mindset
The coping style called “Shift and persist”. (Chen 2012 (52))