Underlying causes of stress 

Traumatic stress (incl PTSD) war, accidents, violence, abuse

PTSD as Meaning Violation (Park 2012 (230)
Abuse-childhood cell mediated inflammation in PTSD after abuse–(Altemus 2003, (11))
PTSD: A state-of-the-science review (Nemerof 2006 (219))
PTSD: Hippocampal dysfunction-effects on memory (Acheson 2012 (3))
Perceived threat predicts the neural sequelae of combat stress (Van Wingen 2011 (299))
PTSD, Stroke and TIA (Edmondson 2013 (103))
Cortisol level as predictor of PTSD (Walsh 2013 (314))
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Emotional triggers in myocardial infarction (Edmondson 2013 (101))
A threat model for PTSD (Edmondson 2014 (97))
Early stress and human behavioural development (del Giudice 2014 (77))
Early life stress and obesity in monkeys (Kaufman 2007 (162))

Abandonment, hostile behaviour and social disconnection Go to top
Early life vulnerability (Humans and animal models (Cirulli (55))
Hostile behavior in relations (Kiecolt-Glaser 1998(165)) 
Hostility, social support, and carotid artery atherosclerosis (Knox 2000 (170))- se under CVD
Marital stress worsens prognosis in women with CVD (Orth-Gomer 2000 (229)) -se også under CVD
The association between trait anger and incident stroke risk (Williams 2002 (323)) -se også under CVD
Psychosocial factors and risk of hypertension (Yan 2003 (330)) -se også under CVD
Stress-induced anger as precursor of premature CVD (Chang 2002 (50)) 
Framingham: Hostility predicts atrial fibrillation in men (Eaker 2004 (93))
Marital status and CVD risk etc, Framingham (Eaker 2007 (96))
Tension/anxiety and CVD risk, Framingham (Eaker 2005 (95))
Social rejection is associated with inflammatory responses to social stress (Slavich 2010 (269)
The role of multiple negative social relationships in inflammatory cytokine responses (Song 2015 (270))
Childhood loss and cancer risk (Eskelinen 2010 (110))
Chronic work stress and marital dissolution increase risk of posttrial mortality (Matthews 2002 (198))
Low social status and inflammation in adolescents (Chiang 2015 (53))
Stress and social performance (Beltzer 2014 (22)
When the social self is threatened (Dickerson 2004 (81))
Parents generating stress on their Children (Bhatawdekar 2015 (26))
Childhood abuse and stress generation: The mediational effect of depressogenic cognitive styles (Liu 2013 (190))
Baseline NE(Negative emotions) leads to increased stressors (Barrocas 2010 (19))
Specificity of Stress Generation in adolescents (Conolly 2010 (61))
Early childhood adversity and adolescent depression: the mediating role of continued stress (Hazel 2008 (134))


Psychological stress

Psykological stress-1 ( Cohen 2007 (58))
PsykologicALstress-2 ( McEwen 1993 (204))
Potential explanations for the educational (Psychosocial) gradient in CVD (Wamala 1999 (317))

Relation depression and stress Go to top
Stress and depression: possible links (lee 2002 (180))
Concurrent stress + depression increase CVD risk (Alcantara 2015(7)) 
Stress, anxiety and CVD (Cohen 2015 (57))
Stress and depression (Gold 2015 (120))
Hopelessness predicts mortality (Stern 2001 (277)) 
Depression and CVD- an update (german) (Von Kanel 1994 (306) ) – se også under CVD 
Ego type, wellbeing and depression (Garcia 2008 (115))
Fatique, cancer and cognitive dysfunction (+ depression) (Bower 2015 (35))
Depression and blood pressure (Licht 2009 (188))
-See also references below regarding workload, stress and depression


Load-related stress

Chronic work stress and marital dissolution increase risk of posttrial mortality (Matthews 2002 (198))
Lack of sleep: McEwen 2006 (202))
Pregnancy related stress (Nuck 1972(225))
Stress and pregnancy (Dunkel 2011 (91)) 
Coping during pregnancy (Guardino 2014 (126))
Placental hormone, social support and postpartum depression (Hahn-Holbrook2013 (128)) 
Arbejdsrelateret stress (belastningsreaktion)(Sund.dk (284)
SBU. Arbetsmiljöns betydelse för symtom på depression och utmattnings-syndrom (256)
Work stress as a risk factor for major depressive episode(s).(Wang 2005 (318))
Occupational stress as a risk factor for various morbidities among policemen (Kamble 2011 (161)) 
Work stress and CVD-disease risk – Editorial (Yarnell 2008 (332)
Stress at work--a risk factor for depression?- editorial Virtanen M. (304)
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Job stress and CVD-risk (Eaker 2004 (94))
Caregiving and risk of coronary heart disease in US. Women (Lee 2003 (181))
2008 financial crisis and work stress (Tsai 2011 (292))


Diseases creating stress

CVD (ACS) leading to PTSD (Edmondson 2011 (104))
ACS (CVD) leading to stress (Edmondson 2012 (102))
HIV-patients (Bill 2000(27))
Cancer patients/ MBSR (Garland 2013(116)) – Se under meditation/ behandling
Cancer patients/ MBSR (Speca 2000(273)) – Se under meditation/ behandling
Child-loss and breast cancer risk (Eskelinen 2010 (110))
Cardiovascular diseases and PTSD (Tulloch 2015 (294)) 
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Stroke survivors and PTSD (Edmondson 2013 (100)