The lecture is an interdisciplinary, entertaining and easy-to-understand review of the latest research in stress, which has changed our perception of what stress is and how it occurs. The lecture answers the following questions:


1. What types of stress exists and what are the triggers:

a. The good: Builds you up, makes you stronger and improves your abilities and performance.

b. The bad: Gives you psychological problems and complicates your social relations with other people. Makes you ill and it can kill you.

c. The ugly: The hidden stress is bad stress (toxic stress) that is not visible to you, but which has a negative long-term impact on your mental and physical health.

2. Hear about how stress differs significantly with men and women


3. Stress is not only related to workload. Learn about "hidden stress" (physical- or psychosocial traumatic toxic stress)


4. Hear about when in our live’s we are most sensitive to stress and why

5. How can I learn to use the good stress to make me stronger and to perform better?


6. How can I avoid harmful stress?

7. What diseases and symptoms do you get if you have experienced harmful stress over many years? What can be done to prevent these diseases? How does harmful stress affect your life expectancy?


8. Learn how you can you transform bad stress into good stress?

9. Learn about "toxic stress" and its harmful effects

10. Which treatments are effective for combating and reducing toxic stress?

11. How can you prevent toxic stress?


Title of lecture::

   – The good, the bad and the hidden