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Textbook on stress

I have summarized many decades of research on stress in my book titled: "Understanding STRESS - The Good, the Bad, the Hidden". Both old and new knowledge of stress mechanisms, consequences, prevention and treatment is reviewed in easy-to-understand language. The book can be purchased on Amazon. If you wish to know more about the content you can download the introduction chapter from the book for free by clicking on this link:

Lecture in stress

The lecture has the same title as the book and reviews the latest research results on stress, in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner which requires no prior knowledge.

Individual 1:1 courses and mental training
Mental quality of life and risk-profile analysis
Personal 1:1 course in Mind-Education (mental training)

This is an initial analysis of what it takes to improve your mental and physical health, as well as advice on how to prevent stress and a number of chronic diseases.

This course uses the results of your individual life quality and risk profile analysis to initiate a dialogue on how to reduce stress and improve your mental wellbeing and performance. Different modules are available which enable you to focus on the issues that are most important to you. The overall aim is for you to learn to take responsibility for your own mental wellbeing and performance in all aspects of life. You can also choose the level of skill you want to achieve within each module according your individual needs.

Jorgen Folkersen,

MD, Dr. Sci


-Jorgen's mind education course helped me to understand the principles of life and my own patterns a lot better, so I could live my life more present, more focussed and with a sense of being at choice. 

-My participation in the course of Jorgen delivered many powerful insights. I am very grateful for this opportunity. More importantly, It helped me breakthrough my taboos and fears. And through powerful discussions the course really helped me understand relationships and unhealthy strivings in life. 

-The current environment and the context we face nowadays pushes us to live like a final countdown, without time to be very present and enjoy the important aspects of life.


-If you are serious about changing your core beliefs in service of who you want to become, working with Jorgen and his Mind Education is essential.

 -Jorgen helped us go inside ourselves and ponder questions that we usually we do not let ourselves make. He created a secure space where everything could be said. I feel grateful and peaceful for this journey together".

What is "Mind-Education"?

Mind-Education is a science-based practical and theoretical skill in optimizing your mental and physical resources, as well as a guide for minimizing your risk of stress, anxiety and chronic lifestyle diseases

What is the background  for Mind-Education

New research results have revealed how people react to their current psychosocial stress level, as well as the impact of previous physical and mental trauma. In addition, it has been found that a number of physical diseases are strongly related to our mental well-being, and specifically to stress and previous traumatic experiences. Read more here to learn how this knowledge provides new opportunities for you to reduce your risk of stress and anxiety and physical diseases adversely affected by mental distress.


Modern life is very different from the way people lived in previous ages and the result is that we suffer from a number of negative physical and mental stresses, as well as diseases which are linked to them.


Medical and psychological research has been very active in attempting to analyze and remedy these disadvantages, in order to provide new ways to address these challenges.


My mission is to summarize and convey practical applications from the research results in order to inspire us to create an even better community for our children, and co-citizens..