Jørgen Folkersen  - Who am I ?

First and foremost, I am just a human being like everyone else.


I am also a physician and scientist who has been engaged in research, medicine and health for most of my life.


More recently, I realized the extent to which normal people's physical and mental health was shaped by the mental influences we are exposed to and how we respond to these challenges.


New research on the mechanisms of STRESS  


In recent decades there have been many new research findings regarding the management and promotion of mental and physical health.  and I realized that there is a great and unmet need to disseminate this knowledge.


- Jørgen Folkersen, MD,  Dr. Sci 


The bad and the good news


The bad news is that modern human health is under pressure in the developed world. Many ordinary people have an unhealthy lifestyle, depressive thoughts and a fear of the future and feel pressure in their everyday lives. This mental condition frequently causes a variety of mental and physical problems effects in the long term such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and an increased tendency to diabetes.

The very good news is that a significant portion of these effects can be prevented or minimized by using both new and well-known methods, which "only" involve your mind and thoughts. The human psyche is far more malleable than is generally believed. With some training, it is possible to prevent many of the negative influences that many modern working people experience. It is even possible to improve your mental state as well as your physical performance and at the same time reduce your long-term disease risk.