The individual factors

Company layoff (50% layoff) created most variable response in workers from thriving to burnout and depression.(Maddi 2008 (195)) 
Trying to avoid stress leads to significantly reduced sense of well-being, life satisfaction, and happiness (“vicious cycle of stress generation”) (Oertig 2013 (227))
Viewing stress as harmful interferes with people’s ability to use stress as the resource that it actually is (Meyerhoff 2004 (207)) 
Optimism and health (Carver 2014 (48))
Pos/neg affect (Wats 1988b(319))
The single best predictor of peoples fear and anxiety was how much time they spent watching TV talk shows. (Chapman University 2014(51))
Emotional resilience (Waug 2008a (320))
Ruminative or acceptance oriented coping (Low 2008(193)) -EXP
Purpose in Life Is Associated With Mortality Among Older Persons (Boyle 2009 (37))
Bored to death? (Britton 2010 (39))
The religion paradox (Diener 2011 (85))
Global subjective wellbeing according to Gallup (Diener 2015 (84))
Subjective well-being for the rich and the poor (Ng 2014 (221))
Risk perception, compliance and PTSD after ACS (Edmondson 2012 (105))
Externalizers/internalizers PTSD and mortality (Flood 2010 (112))
The adaptive calibration model (ACM)( Del Giudice 2012 (78))
Age stereotypes and memory (Levy 2012 (187))
Veterans affairs normative aging study: Men reported 2 types of stress: Major life events (divorce, accidents), and the number of daily hassles they faced. Of the two types of stress, daily hassles were by far the better predictor of mortality (Boeninger 2009 (30))
Enhanced expectancies improve performance under pressure (McKay 2012 (205))
What you learn from a stressful experience can differ dependent on your stress response. A threat response is more likely to sensitize the brain to future threats. When you have a challenge response, the brain is more likely to learn resilience (combat stress, because of DHEA and nerve growth factor). (Wingen 2011 (299))
Perceptions of defeat and entrapment were closely associated with various forms of human psychopathology. Systematic review (Taylor 2011 (286))