Post traumatic growth


Posttraumatic growth in cancer (Danhauer 2013 (72))
Post-traumatic growth (Tedeschi 2004 (289), Tedeschi 1996 (288))
Prevalence of post traumatic growth, some published figures: 
1. Israel, Terror attacks on young people, 74%. (Laufer 2010 (178))
2. Women living with HIV/AIDS,83%.(Siegel 2005(267))
3. Ambulance personnel, 99%. (Shakespeare-Finch 2003 (266))
Posttraumatic growth (Tsai 2015 (293))
Severity of the post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth. (Shakepeare-Finch 2014 (265))

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Adversity can create resilience. Seery’s controversial epidemiological research: “Whatever does not kill us. (260;262) Seery 2010+2013
Seery lab-experiments focussing on people’s response to pain and “Catastrophizing” (Seery 2010 (261))



Benefit-finding during adversity helps you grow (Affleck 1987 (5) , Ickovics 2006 (148), Danoff-Burg 2005(72))
Finding the good in stress can a protect against depression and strengthen relationships. (Mavandadi 2014 (199), Tran 2011 (291), Wood 2011 (328), Cassidy 2014 (49))
Positive thinking and being able to see both the good and the bad is associated with better long term outcomes than focussing purely on the upside. (Bower 2009 (34))
Point of view, the participants were less upset about the experience. (McCullough 2006 (201))
Benefit finding resulted in less anger, and a greater sense of control. (Witvliet 2010 (326))
Benefit-finding is associated with positive motivation and active coping. (Rabe 2006 (4))
Reflect on the benefits of a difficult situation resulted in reduced pain and fatigue. (Danoff-Burg 2006 (44))
Women with breast cancer and stress reduction (Stanton 2002(274))
Exposure to the news was one of the most commonly reported sources of daily stress. Example: 2013 Boston Marathon bombing (Holman 2014 (145))
Finding meaning in, and experience personal growth from the traumatic experience of others(Vicarious growth). (Arnold 2005(14))
Growth from other persons’s suffering. Genuine empathy. (Abel 2014(1), Tosone 2014 (290))
A more accepting attitude toward their past hardships makes people happier, less depressed, and more resilient. (Hayes 2006 (133), Hayes 2006 (31))
Posttraumatic growth in cancer (Danhauer 2013 (71))