Heidi Hemmers, Kleve, Germany

Jorgen's mind education course helped me to understand the principles of life and my own patterns a lot better, so I could live my life more present, more focussed and with a sense of being at choice. 

The structure and content of the course helped me to keep on track and Jorgen managed to always make me curious to what will come next. I highly recommend to work with Jorgen. He is a sensitive, playful, open hearted and easy going person and teacher, who has the competence to challenge and call you forth. Thank you Jorgen for a great experience!

Reimar Paschke, Königsbrunn, Germany

Jorgen is the most caring and giving person I ever met. He is driven by the passion to bring peace and self-healing to this planet. He has the gift of translating this big thing "Meditation" into small, practical, digestible steps. He gently nudges you into practicing mode - and that is what mindfulness is all about: not just understanding it but doing it. Easy, wherever you are, wherever you go. And it is not just about you. It is about connecting with each other and all together in a humanistic, humble way. He is good for anybody, whether you believe in God, are a Buddhist or an Engineer wanting to shut down your internal chatterbox. You'll love it!

Tjessica Stegenga, Amsterdam

My participation in the course of Jorgen delivered many powerful insights. I am very grateful for this opportunity. It brought me in touch again with various meditation and mindfulness exercises. More importantly, I helped me breakthrough my taboos and fears. And through powerful discussions the course really helped me understand relationships and unhealthy strivings in life. I feel I have all the tools for living a mindful and healthy life. The trick is now to be conscious and make it my way of life!

Enric Arola, Barcelona

"I have had the privilege to attend the Mindfulness Course led by Jorgen Folkersen in a particular moment in my life where I needed to focus my physical energy and my brain towards the right place. The current environment and the context we face nowadays pushes us to live like a final countdown, without time to be very present and enjoy the important aspects of life. Jorgen guided us to reconnect with our essence and inner balance to make it possible. Thanks so much to help us in this wake up process! "

Ben Ward, Copenhagen

If you are serious about changing your core beliefs in service of who you want to become working with Jorgen and his Mind Education is essential. I gained a variety of tools to go into the darker areas of my life with curiosity, love and acceptance.
Ben Ward, Coach and workshop facilitator

Ana Guiu Ribe, Barcelona

"I attended the mindfulness Course of Jorgen Folkersen after the CTI Leadership Program. Jorgen helped us go inside ourselves and ponder questions that we usually we do not let ourselves make. He created a secure space where everything could be said. I feel grateful and peaceful for this journey together".